Free SQL Server Training

Online Microsoft SQL Server Lunch Sessions, every Friday

SQL Friday is a weekly online lunch seminar about Microsoft Data Platform. It’s hosted by Magnus Ahlkvist with co-host Daniel Hutmacher. Funding for SQL Friday is provided by Transmokopter SQL AB (swedish).

Every friday, at noon Central European Time, a new speaker will present on a new topic (or by all means by the same topic as a previous speaker, with a different angle).

You register to upcoming events on our Meetup page: When you register for an upcoming SQL Friday, you’ll get to see the meeting link that you can then use to connect to the Teams call.

All the sessions are recorded and published on Youtube, on Transmokopter’s page. There used to be a page here where videos would be published too, but you all know how YouTube works, just subscribe to the page above and you’ll be able to catch all videos as they are published.

Code of conduct

If you participate in a SQL Friday session, you must follow this simple code of conduct.

Be nice to people. This includes the speaker, the host/moderator and of course all the other attendees. Respect other people’s right to their own space. Don’t get in peoples face.

Understand that irony doesn’t work as well in writing as it might do in an in-person meeting, where your body language helps you.

Understand that you can not and may not be the judge of anyone else’s feelings. If you do something that offends someone, even when that is not the purpose, don’t argue. Just back down. You may or may not understand what was going on, but SQL Friday is not meant for you to test limits.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? If you feel anyone is not respecting this very simple Code of Conduct, contact the moderator during the session or write an email to – we want to keep SQL Friday clean from abuse.