Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers for SQL Friday season 7 is open!

Call for Speakers for season 7 is open! Submit here:

If you speak on SQL Friday, you agree to have me interrupt your session with questions and that I will record your session and put it on Youtube and embedded on SQL Friday webpage. By speaking you also sign off on the Code of conduct found on the About page.

There are no other obligations for you as a speaker – you are free to present the exact same session wherever and whenever you feel like it as far as SQL Friday is concerned. If you want to share your presentation material, you do that. If you don’t want to share, you don’t. If you do, we can put a link on the session post if you want.

Diversity matters

SQL Friday is for everyone who is interested in SQL Server. Everyone. That’s a lot of people. Yet, in some of the previous seasons, the speaker line-up have not reflected this. Therefore, I want to make clear that diversity will be a very important factor when I do session selection. Some people call this “positive discrimination”. I’m not at all a fan of that word, because I don’t intend to discriminate anyone. But I will look at not only the session abstract, but also at the speaker’s background, experience etc. Chances are, I will even approach some speakers and ask them for help to make the speaker line-up reflect the community SQL Friday is intended for. Everyone.