SQL Friday 2021 Schedule Announced

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SQL Friday 2021 Schedule Announced

2020-12-24 Announcements 0

Finally, the schedule for SQL Friday 2021 is done. Speakers have created session abstracts, sessions were selected, speakers have confirmed their participation and sessions were scheduled. I’m happy to announce that we have 25 top notch sessions schedules for January – June 2021.

A big Thank You goes out to all speakers – selected and not selected – for your contributions to the Data Platform community!

Check out the schedule now

SESSIONDATERegister to attendSpeaker and title
2021-01-08https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338413/SQL FRIDAY #30 – M A Nakib on ‘Azure Synapse Analytics’
2021-01-15https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338429/SQL FRIDAY #31 – Jovan Popovic on ‘Analyze Azure data using T-SQL and Synapse SQL serverless pool’
2021-01-22https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338749/SQL FRIDAY #32 – Bob Duffy on ‘Financial Modelling with Power BI’
2021-01-29https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338804/SQL FRIDAY #33 – Geovanny Hernandez on ‘First steps to go ahead with MS SQL Server on Linux’
2021-02-05https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338837/SQL FRIDAY #34 – Kevin Chant and Sander Stad on ‘GitHub DevOps Duet – SQL Friday Edition’
2021-02-12https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338850/SQL FRIDAY #35 – Riccardo Zamana on ‘Redis on Cloud: red pill or blue pill?’
2021-02-19https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338869/SQL FRIDAY #36 – Manish Kumar on ‘Secure your data with Azure SQL DB’
2021-02-26https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338880/SQL FRIDAY #37 – Deepthi Goguri on ‘SQL Server Internals and Architecture’
2021-03-05https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338894/SQL FRIDAY #38 – Ásgeir Gunnarsson on ‘Reel in the Power BI Wild West’
2021-03-12https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338920/SQL FRIDAY #39 – Cédric Charlier on ‘Azure databricks: brick by brick for the data engineer’
2021-03-19https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275338937/SQL FRIDAY #40 – Gonzalo Bissio on ‘Azure SQL DB Serverless, a new autonomous database?’
2021-03-26https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/275339143/SQL FRIDAY #41 – Dennes Torres on ‘Data Virtualization and Data Lake using SQL Big Data Cluster’
2021-04-02CancelledSQL FRIDAY #42 – SANDEEP PAWAR on ‘Power Up Power BI with Jupyter Notebook – Use Cases’
2021-04-09https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277276842/SQL FRIDAY #43 – Ronen Ariely on ‘SQL Internals – Physical Table Structure under the hood, and implementation on real case scenarios’
2021-04-16https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277421/SQL FRIDAY #44 – Damir Matešić on ‘Historical data with MS SQL System-Versioned (Temporal) Tables’
2021-04-23https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277444/SQL FRIDAY #45 – Lou Segers on ‘🚂 Turn your slow steam locomotive into a streamlined high-speed train 🚄’
2021-04-30https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277460/SQL FRIDAY #46 – Benjamin Kettner on ‘Straight from the Dojo: T-SQL string manipulations with the T-SQL Ninja’
2021-05-07https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277489/SQL FRIDAY #47 – Thimantha Vidanagamage on ‘Power BI: Utilizing Large Scale Semantic Models in Service’
2021-05-14https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277550/SQL FRIDAY #48 – Martin Guth on ‘Relaxed Releases with DB-Workload-Tests’
2021-05-21https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277677/SQL FRIDAY #49 – Erland Sommarskog on ‘Error and Transaction Handling in SQL Server’
2021-05-28https://www.meetup.com/SQL-Friday/events/277277786/SQL FRIDAY #50 – Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen on ‘From SQL to R – Leverage Your T-SQL Knowledge to Learn R’
2021-06-04SQL FRIDAY #51 – Mark Hayes on ‘Migrating a Data Capture solution with Event Hubs and Stream Analytics’
2021-06-11SQL FRIDAY #52 – Torsten Strauß on ‘Parallelism in Microsoft SQL Server’
2021-06-18SQL FRIDAY #53 – Jean-Pierre Voogt on ‘Data Migration to Azure SQL DB using Polybase’
2021-06-25SQL FRIDAY #54 – Manpreet Singh on ‘Let’s Develop Power Apps & Power Automate/Flows on Office 365 from scratch’