SQL Friday #27: Matt Gordon on “Dialogue with Your Data – Interactive AI with Cognitive Services”

Time:12:00 CEST
How to attend:Already finished
Accompanying material:Download at https://www.sqlatspeed.com
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SQL Friday #27: Matt Gordon on “Dialogue with Your Data – Interactive AI with Cognitive Services”

Customers and users increasingly demand personal and prompt communication from companies and brands with which they interact.

How can data professionals help fill that need? The incredible power and instant accessibility of the Azure Cognitive Services Language and Speech APIs, alongside other Azure services, put the power in our hands. From translating between languages for better communication to analyzing the quality of customer support communications,

Azure Cognitive Services allows data professionals to enhance a company’s ability to communicate and understand. This demo-heavy session walks through practical applications of these APIs that you can apply anywhere immediately after the session.

About Matt

Matt is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has worked with SQL Server since 2000. He is the leader of the Lexington, KY PASS local group and a frequent domestic and international community speaker.

He’s an IDERA ACE alumnus and 2020 Friend of Redgate. His original data professional role was as a database developer, which quickly evolved into query tuning work that further evolved into being a full-fledged DBA in the healthcare realm.

He has supported several critical systems utilizing SQL Server and managed dozens of 24/7/365 SQL Server implementations. He currently utilizes that real world experience as a data platform consultant helping clients design solutions that meet their ever-changing business needs.

Matt can be found on Twitter @sqlatspeed.

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