SQL FRIDAY #35 – Riccardo Zamana on ‘Redis on Cloud: Red Pill or Blue Pill’

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SQL FRIDAY #35 – Riccardo Zamana on ‘Redis on Cloud: Red Pill or Blue Pill’

2021-02-14 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 Central European Time (11:00AM UTC)
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SQL FRIDAY #35 – Riccardo Zamana on ‘Redis on Cloud: Red Pill or Blue Pill’

Every developer knows Redis, but only uses 10% of its real capabilities.
During the session we will see how to use this multimodel datastore in various use cases and architectures, as a universal component to manage time series & data analysis, real time streams, Json data store.

Many examples of using Redis on Azure will be reported (such as Paas, such as Iaas cluster, such as Temporary DataBase with docker, etc.), as well as various tools found to make it as easy to use and maintain as any database.

About Riccardo Zamana

I’m an accomplished, result driven management professional with 20 years of experience in both IT and business functions.

Proven history of managing complex IT operations and strategy for the development and delivery of high technological product and services.

I’m highly skilled in proposal development and delivering business results by creating tailor made Cloud and IOT based solutions around the specific customer needs. My passions are to architect and build up teams of qualified professionals, redesign and streamline of software processes integrating more departments, delivering perfectly governed eco-systems. Decisional trees based on microservices plots, especially in OSS sauce, represent my greatest fun.

Even if I’m historically voted to OSS / Java / Spring Platform, I learned (and I’m still learning) the wonders of the Azure platform every day.