SQL Friday #4: Gethyn Ellis on “Top 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2020”

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SQL Friday #4: Gethyn Ellis on “Top 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2020”

2020-06-04 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 CEST
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TOP 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2020

It’s the year 2020 about ten years ago many people were writing about the demise of the DBA and how they won’t be around in ten years time. As we move into a new decade, and those ten years have passed the DBA role is still alive and kicking. Albeit, it has evolved in the last ten years and it has changed considerably since I started my career in the early 2000s.

In this session we will look at what skills you would expect a DBA to have in 2010 and compare it to what they will need in 2020. No doubt we will be covering:

  • New versions of SQL Server
  • Automation and PowerShell
  • Containers
  • Cloud technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Maybe some non-technical skills too

About Gethyn

Gethyn is the lead consultant for gethynellis.com, which is a small IT Consulting and Training company.

We believe in putting the human back into technology. Your people will be at the heart of the solutions we provide to you.

We Specialise in the Microsoft data platform, both on-premises SQL Server and the Azure cloud.

Our team of talented consultants, associates and trainees, offer a range of services including platform upgrades and modernisation, performance tuning, and security hardening to help you and your people manage and learn about Microsoft Data Platform.