SQL FRIDAY #48 – Martin Guth on ‘Relaxed Releases with DB-Workload-Tests’

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SQL FRIDAY #48 – Martin Guth on ‘Relaxed Releases with DB-Workload-Tests’

2021-05-07 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 Central European Time (10:00AM UTC)
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SQL FRIDAY #48 – Martin Guth on ‘Relaxed Releases with DB-Workload-Tests’

Are you responsible for database changes such as index management or configuration changes?
Have you experienced how a seemingly harmless change like changing an index went south completely after the release on production? Or do you even prefer not to make any changes at all due to the uncertainty of the outcome?

Then this session is for you! Get to know the power of DB-Workload-Tests: recording and replaying the complete activity of a database. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be that way. After the session you have the tools to perform workload testing as well. This gives you the chance to get to know possible problems related to changes directly through the workload test and to fix them before a release to production.

Good knowledge of schema adjustments (changing tables, indexes etc.) and querying using TSQL is required. Further knowledge in the field of performance tuning or database administration (especially backup / restore) is an advantage.

About Martin Guth

Martin Guth (37) has been a passionate BI developer for more than 11 years. He has also been fascinated by database administration for 5 years. He works at 3C Deutschland GmbH (part of Experian Ltd.) in Heilbronn. Highlights from his work as a BI developer are building a data warehouse from scratch and delivering analytic products.

As a database administrator, performance tuning is particularly important to him. Martin shares his experiences (deliberately irregular) on his blog at martinguth.de.