SQL Friday Season 3 recordings

Here you will find all the recordings from Sql Friday season 3 once the recordings are published. You can also subscribe to the Youtube channel https://youtube.com/c/transmokopter to get notifications when new videos are uploaded.

SQL Friday episode 55, Torsten Strauss on Batch Mode Adaptive Join in Microsoft SQL Server. https://youtu.be/AM6lalrZ2P0. Recorded on August 27 2021.
SQL Friday episode 56, Jeff Moden on “Black Arts” Index Maintenance – GUIDs vs Fragmentation. https://youtu.be/nc4CMo7VSPo. Recorded on September 3 2021.
Download accompanying material (zip-file)
SQL Friday episode 57, Alpa Buddhabhatti on Azure SQL Server for Everyone. https://youtu.be/MwesFEIHq6Q. Recorded on September 10 2021.
SQL Friday 58, Andrew Pruski on A Deep Dive into Docker. https://youtu.be/TF8WEOYFmng. Recorded on September 17 2021.

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