SQL Friday Season 3 recordings

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SQL Friday Season 3 recordings

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Here you find recordings from the full season 3 of SQL Friday.

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SQL Friday episode 55, Torsten Strauss on Batch Mode Adaptive Join in Microsoft SQL Server. https://youtu.be/AM6lalrZ2P0. Recorded on August 27 2021.
SQL Friday episode 56, Jeff Moden on “Black Arts” Index Maintenance – GUIDs vs Fragmentation. https://youtu.be/nc4CMo7VSPo. Recorded on September 3 2021.
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SQL Friday episode 57, Alpa Buddhabhatti on Azure SQL Server for Everyone. https://youtu.be/MwesFEIHq6Q. Recorded on September 10 2021.
SQL Friday 58, Andrew Pruski on A Deep Dive into Docker. https://youtu.be/TF8WEOYFmng. Recorded on September 17 2021.
SQL Friday 59, Ameena Lalani on SQL Server Resource Governor. https://youtu.be/w8ANdkeZ64Q. Recorded on September 24 2021.
SQL Friday 60, Taiob Ali on Think Like the Cardinality Estimator. https://youtu.be/2er6BlVNs40. Recorded on October 1 2021.
SQL Friday 61. Kathi Kellenberger on T-SQL Window Functions. https://youtu.be/vHG67yKLXYk. Recorded on October 8 2021.
SQL Friday 62. Deepthi Goguri, Query Store in 60 Minutes. https://youtu.be/fJg9aXg1_54. Recorded on October 15 2021.
SQL Friday 63. Erland Sommarskog, Dynamic Search Conditions. https://youtu.be/4H9eE1-28yg. Recorded on October 22 2021.
Sql Friday 64, Guy Glantser, Extended Events to the Rescue. https://youtu.be/dh6WiFX9_zI. Recorded on October 29 2021
Sql Friday 65, Magnus Ahlkvist, Solve T-SQL Problems with Tally Tables. https://youtu.be/9xLyYJEdGQ8. Recorded on November 5 2021
SQL Friday 66, Javier Villegas, Performance Features in SQL Server and Azure SQL. https://youtu.be/agPBx_TZx84. Recorded on November 12 2021.
SQL Friday 67, Ananta Bulusu, Confront Challenges in Migrating Oracle to SQL Server Database. https://youtu.be/TddFsdtVdN0 Recorded on November 19, 2021.
SQL Friday 69, Kevin Feasel, Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Servers: Servless SQL Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics. https://youtu.be/y9hQKXUiJhA Recorded on December 3 2021.
SQL Friday 70, Uwe Ricken, Security Techniques for Cross Database Queries. https://youtu.be/CSCv1rnKcc8 Recorded on December 10 2021.
SQL Friday 71, Jared Poche, Every Millisecond Counts. https://youtu.be/71zEg8BlHYk. Recorded on December 17 2021.