SQL Friday #12: Alex Yates on “Zero Downtime Database Deployments”

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SQL Friday #12: Alex Yates on “Zero Downtime Database Deployments”

2020-07-24 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 CEST
How to attend:Already finished
Accompanying material:https://github.com/Alex-Yates/ZeroDowntime
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Alex Yates on “Zero Downtime Database Deployments”

You understand that big bang deployments are painful, but each deploy may disrupt users, so you are restricted to tight deployment windows for your database. The consequences of missing your windows aren’t worth thinking about – but it gets more difficult each time.

In order to move to smaller, more frequent and more reliable deployments you need to demonstrate that you can safely deploy during business hours – without disrupting users.

In this session we’ll discuss the most popular strategies: Blue/Green and Canary deploys, Cluster Immune Systems and Feature Toggles. Then we’ll discuss the fundamental changes that we need to make to the way we think about database “deployments” and “releases” in order to support these strategies.

We will finish with an SSDT, Azure DevOps and Azure SQL Database demo that simulates the Facebook Chat case study from The DevOps Handbook. The principles will be applicable to any relational database deployment, regardless of tooling.

About Alex

Alex Yates has been helping organisations to apply DevOps principles to their data since 2010. He’s most proud of helping Skyscanner develop the ability to deploy 95 times a day. Originally for Redgate, later for DLM Consultants, Alex has worked with clients on every continent except Antarctica – so he’s keen to meet anyone who researches penguins.

A keen community member, he co-organises Data Relay, is the founder of www.SpeakingMentors.com and has been recognised as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2017.