SQL Friday #13: Guy Glantser on “The Most Important Performance Factor in SQL Server”

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SQL Friday #13: Guy Glantser on “The Most Important Performance Factor in SQL Server”

2020-07-24 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 CEST
How to attend:Already finished
Accompanying material:https://www.madeiradata.com/post/the-most-important-performance-factor-in-sql-server-1
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Guy Glantser on “The Most Important Performance Factor in SQL Server”

The most important factor in SQL Server that affects query performance is statistics. When you execute a query, the optimizer needs to come up with the best possible execution plan for it, and it needs good and accurate statistics for that. Without them, the optimizer is blind, and your query performance will suffer.

In this session, we will get to know statistics, as well as the cardinality estimator – the SQL Server component that is responsible for estimating row counts based on statistics. We will cover all types of statistics, such as column vs. index statistics, single-column vs. multi-column, filtered statistics, incremental statistics, and more. We will look at scan vs. seek operations, and we will examine how execution plans are made.

If you care about SQL Server performance, then make sure you take care of your statistics. Join this session to learn why it is so important, and how to do it right.

About Guy

Guy Glantser, Data Platform MVP, is the leader of the Israeli PASS local group and also the CEO and founder of Madeira Data Solutions. His career has been focused on the Microsoft Data Platform for more than 20 years, performing various database roles as either an on-site DBA, an external consultant or a speaker. Guy is involved in many activities in the Microsoft Data Platform community. He occasionally speaks at community events, such as PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Saturdays and user groups around the world. He also co-hosts the SQL Server Radio podcast.

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