SQL Friday #18: Gail Shaw on “Transactions and Atomic Operations”

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SQL Friday #18: Gail Shaw on “Transactions and Atomic Operations”

2020-09-07 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 CEST
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Gail Shaw on “Transactions and Atomic Operations”

If there’s one thing that we, as SQL developers don’t do, it’s use transactions as often as we should.

Transactions are critical when multiple changes need to be made entirely or not at all, but even given that it’s rare to see transactions used at all in most production code

In this session, we’ll look at what transactions are and why we should use them. We’ll explore the effects transactions have on locking and the transaction log. We’ll investigate methods of handling errors and undoing data modifications, and we’ll see why nested transactions are a lie.

  1. Understand what transactions are and what they do.
  2. Learn how to use transactions in combination with error handling to roll back changes on errors
  3. Learn how transactions affect logging and locking.

About Gail Shaw

Gail is a Database Specialist focusing on database performance tuning and database recovery, with a particular interest in topics such as indexing strategies, execution plans, and writing T-SQL code that performs well and scales gracefully.

Gail is a Data Platform MVP, a Pluralsight author, writes articles for both SQLServerCentral.com and Simple-Talk.com, and has spoken at SQL Saturdays locally and internationally, SQL Bits and at the PASS Community Summit.

Gail has been responsible for extending the lifespan of many an application by performance-tuning their databases as well as providing technical guidance on all things SQL Server related.

She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.