SQL FRIDAY #44 – Damir Matešić on ‘Historical Data with MS SQL System Versioned (temporal) Tables’

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SQL FRIDAY #44 – Damir Matešić on ‘Historical Data with MS SQL System Versioned (temporal) Tables’

2021-04-14 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 Central European Time (10:00AM UTC)
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SQL FRIDAY #44 – Damir Matešić on ‘Historical Data with MS SQL System Versioned (temporal) Tables’

Before the existence of system-versioned temporal tables, tracking changes in a database table forced us to implement some custom solutions based on triggers, stored procedures etc.

System-versioned temporal tables offer us the possibility to keep a full history of data changes and allowing us easy point in time analysis. Using this solution, we can easily time travel through the data and see what the exact state of the data in a point of time was.

In this session we will see what system-versioned temporal tables are, how we can create and use them and what are the limitations and benefits of such implementation.

Damir Matesic

About Damir Matešić 

For many years Damir is a passionate programmer and a Microsoft SQL Server developer (ver. 2000+).
He is a certificated Microsoft professional on various technologies. In 2020 Microsoft awarded him with Data Platform MVP.

Damir leads the Croatian SQL Server User Group (PASS) and he introduced and organizes SQL Saturday events in Croatia.

He is working as Senior Database Developer @Span.eu.
Damir speaks on various community events and conferences like SQLSaturday, Advanced technology days and user groups.
When free he blogs about SQL @ https://blog.matesic.info.