SQL FRIDAY #45 – Lou Segers on ‘Turn Your Slow Steam Locomotive into a Streamlined Highspeed Train’

Time:12:00 Central European Time (10:00AM UTC)
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SQL FRIDAY #45 – Lou Segers on ‘🚂 Turn your slow steam locomotive into a streamlined high-speed train 🚄’

>> 10 Performance tips to speed up your Power BI reports <<

Arriving at work and the first thing you do is opening your Power BI report and going for a coffee while waiting for the report to render. Seems familiar?
Well, it shouldn’t. Your reports should render instantly, especially if there is a large or C-level audience consulting them on a regular basis.
Luckily enough there are some tips and tricks to melt your frustrations like snow in the sun.

About Lou Segers

Lou Segers is a Data Analytics consultant at Belgium’s Lytix with a strong emphasis on the Microsoft BI stack.
He loves to interact with anyone breathing data.

Some say good health is true wealth. A sweaty run or a satisfying gym session are among Lou’s favorite energy drainers.

Come have a chat with me or simply connect via LinkedIn!

All aboard the data train, CHOO CHOO 🚂 🚂


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