SQL Friday #20: Data Weekender organisers on “#DataWeekender #TheSQL Schedule”

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SQL Friday #20: Data Weekender organisers on “#DataWeekender #TheSQL Schedule”

2020-10-06 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 CEST
How to attend:Already finished
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Kevin Chant walks us through “the DevOps track” for #DataWeekender #TheSql – Track number 1.
Track 2, presented by Magnus Ahlkvist
Track 3, hosted and presented by Asgeir Gunnarsson
Presentation of Track 4, a video in which Magnus Ahlkvist renames the track host Mark Hayes
Damir Matesic presents the sessions on Track 5
Despite Man Flue of the year, Gethyn Ellis manages to give us an interesting overview of Track 6.

Data Weekender Organisers on #DataWeekender #TheSQL Schdule

This SQL Friday will be different to the previous ones. The Organisers of Data Weekender will come to SQL Friday and present the schedule for Data Weekender.

#DataWeekender #TheSQL happens on October 17, the day after this SQL Friday. If you’re planning to attend #DataWeekender #TheSQL, you should come to this SQL Friday, because it will make your scheduling of sessions a lot easier.

About Data Weekender

Data Wekender had its first run in May, organised in less than 30 days from opening Call for Speakers to hosting the event.

For the October edition, called #DataWekender #TheSQL, the organisers have given themselves a wee bit more time to get things sorted. Call for Speakers was open a couple weeks longer and there has been some more time to spread the word.

The organising team for Data Weekender is:

  • Asgeir Gunnarsson
  • Damir Matesic
  • Gethyn Ellis
  • Kevin Chant
  • Magnus Ahlkvist
  • Mark Hayes