SQL Friday #9: Menaka Baskerpillai on “Modern Data Platform Azure Cosmo Db with .Net core”

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SQL Friday #9: Menaka Baskerpillai on “Modern Data Platform Azure Cosmo Db with .Net core”

2020-06-30 Past SQL Friday Sessions 0
Time:12:00 CEST
How to attend:Already finished
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Modern Data Platform Azure Cosmo Db with .Net core

This session will be about Azure Cosmo Db, which will include API’s like Graph, Table, Sql core.

Topics to be covered during the session:

  1. Let’s explore Cosmo db.
  2. API’s available in Cosmo Db’s and how to use them based on Requirements.
  3. How to create a simple .net core application using Cosmo db api.

About Menaka

I am Menaka Priyadharshini Baskar, working as an Associate software Engineer at Accenture. Former Microsoft Student Partner and Mozilla Firefox Student Ambassador.

Now currently working as a .Net Developer with Azure data platforms.

Microsoft Certified Professional in Programming C# and Azure.

I wrote about 40 articles of various technologies and also a active technical speaker .

You can find my article in the below website

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I am from India, located at Tamilnadu.